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About Treehouse Marketing Group

Treehouse Marketing Group (THMG) was founded in the year 2015 with the prime purpose of providing for Digital Marketing requirements to small businesses in and around Arizona. We are located in heart of downtown Gilbert, AZ, Treehouse Marketing Group is expanding its wings as a marketing agency supporting the local businesses. Our team of Digital Marketers come with industry experience of working with larger corporates and with the skills that they tune a little differently for the small business world. The major driving force is THMG’s passion to help small businesses combat the changes that they encounter in the fast-paced and ever-changing marketing world.

Our Digital Marketing strategy

To be able to think out of the box and to devise a creative marketing plan that is best suited to the customer is the basic strategy of THMG’s team. The skilled team sits down to customize each marketing plan according to the requirements of their customers – however small their businesses be! Each plan has a unique path of execution and well-defined goals that we promptly measure ourselves against! Working smarter with the devised strategy is enabling Treehouse Marketing Group stand out as a unique solution provider amongst our various competitors.

Our Operating Strategy

Here’s how we improve your brand with our working style!

  • Treehouse Marketing Group’s sole focus are our customers! Every working mechanism is focused to deliver the best experience at moderate cost for all of our clientele – specifically local businesses of Arizona
  • As the team isn’t confined to a flashy office premise, our bandwagon of skilled digital marketers meet customers at their own locations to understand requirements, execute and improve their brand potential alongside with them!
  • Business owners are taken through a simplistic workflow of implementing what your business or brand needs. Don’t panic about hearing technical jargons or information that may seem alien – we don’t communicate that way
  • Implementation of the every marketing requirement is done transparently by keeping our customers informed with regular progress reported
  • Cost-effective implementation awaits you from the team at THMG

Our Services Portfolio

Our digital marketing services are across every part of your business from helping you launch your website to promoting your business through the best practices in the industry. Our services are:

  • Website Design & Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Marketing

What we are offering?

About the Owners

Amy leads the dynamic team of Treehouse Marketing Group since its inception. With an experience close to 15 years, Amy is aligned to improve Arizona’s local businesses in the digital space. Her skills on Campaign Development, Re-branding, and Digital International Expansion are reasons to the THMG’s growth. Amy born and raised “Gilbertonian”, a mother to two lovely boys and is a total tech geek. She is backed by a great team who are technically extremely proficient, and who remain highly motivated to deliver the best to the customers of Treehouse!

Judge is an industry expert, with four years of digital specific expertise. Aside from managing hundreds of accounts working at a huge digital agency, Judge has grown up in small business. Once he was finished running the office of his families roofing business, he moved on to managed and develop retail stores and home service companies throughout the southwest. This lead to opportunities to work on the wholesale side of the supply chain and develop and holistic understanding of challenges and opportunities that many small business encounters. Deciding to go back to school in in 2013, Judge studied Film and Media Production and Communication, and received a B.A. In Interdisciplinary Studies and has been able to add Videographer to his repertoire of services he can offer any small business.

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Video Marketing

Video is one of the most effective online marketing tools available to small businesses today. Video can help you increase your search rankings, drive massive amounts of traffic to your website, and increase conversion by nearly 300%! Treehouse Marketing Group creates high quality brand videos that attract and convert more new clients every month.

Website Design/Development

With Internet becoming the most common and easy accessible service these days, web business has started to take its shape. Moving from the traditional ways of introducing your business, websites have become the most innovative styles of talking and introducing about your business. Website is one application medium that can facilitate the various processes and promotions of your business. With the help of web application development, many unimagined processes and non-viable works are now accomplished immediately. Developing web applications have therefore become an important medium for out B2B or B2C interactions in the business today.