Content Development

    Since the origin of online portals and websites, the requirement around having appropriate content to be read by the viewers has become very strong. Initially, the website designers and developers themselves were involved in creating the content for the websites that they created. The strategies that they adopted were copying textual content from paperbacks or hard copies on to the website. At times, the content creation for websites involved the coding into the markup language like HTML, which is used to create the websites. But isn’t the online medium today demanding richer content and well-formulated documentation? The upsurge in the number of users using online channel as a medium of communication and information gathering has now given rise to a flood of content developers who provide them as per the needs.

    What encompasses content development?

    The interesting question has interesting answers too! Gone are the days where content was just text and simple images. Content Development is the process of researching, organizing, preparing, editing and publishing information. In the current world of internet, content development is primarily done for websites and they are inclusive of images, videos, audio files, and text.

    Content development now includes –

    • Creative work development

    The creative work development includes the making of rich content assets that give a visual treat to the viewers. Videos, images, graphics, and animations are examples of creative work that is done on a website. Multimedia skills and state of the art tools aid in preparing the creative work as part of the content development strategy in a company.

    • Web Content writing

    A well-written content is a delight to the readers who look for textual information on websites. Content development of this type requires skills of the language. An excellent command over the language is beneficial for the content developers to author, edit or proof website content. Blogs, articles, composing press release statements and any other type of promotional content comes under this category.

    • Search Engine Optimization and internet marketing

    This type of content development is quite recent in the online channel. Quality content is a mandatory requirement of websites so that they are ranked better in the search engines. Preparing content that is keyword rich are a trend in the content development area, so that search engines pick your websites appropriately. SEO adherence and compliance with copyrighting rules are unique skills for the content development of this type.

    • Technical Writing

    Some websites require information that is focused to help people understand the product specifications or details on how that service functions. These types of content development fall under the category of technical writing and are expected to be simple, self-explanatory and easily understandable. Developer guides, user manuals are examples of technically written content.

    Key points to remember in content development

    There are some pointers to remember while one prepares the content

    • Know your target audience
    • Prepare content that has relevant keywords in it
    • Intuitive and engaging content always attracts consumers

    Incorporate best practices of the industry and also feedback from consumers

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