Developed to Drive Conversions

    Website conversions are the most important aspect of your online business and a factor to focus upon for all of your digital marketing strategies. It simply means that your visitors are guided to do what you want them to do – read through your promotional content, subscribe for your newsletters, contact you, register/ signup for events or purchase a product. This is alluring! How does one develop a website or align their marketing strategy to drive more conversions? Here’s a guide!

    Tips for developing websites to drive maximum conversions

    1. Site navigational funnel

    Design and develop your website similar to a sales funnel. Each step aiding in the site navigation can be assessed using an analytical tool like Google Analytics and insights can be gathered. These will pave way to determining how conversions can be maximized

    1. Call to Action (CTA) scenarios

    It doesn’t stop to have a site that is static and monotonous. Develop websites with specific targets of initiating customer dialog through a call to action controls. Eventually, these CTAs will lead you to complete a sales funnel and hence can improve conversions. Some of the indicative calls to action scenarios are Social media Share and Likes, Blogs and RSS feeds, subscribing to a newsletter, etc. Ensure that you place your CTA controls on the most popular pages of your website

    1. Contact Us page

    Having a contact us page on your website that provides mechanisms for the customer to reach out to you is a strategy for increasing conversions. Add as much as comprehensive information like phone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, global contact details and location details (maps) to maximize user traction on your website

    1. Branding themes

    The website of your business should be the official branding site for your business needs and it should speak of the same. Add themes that emulate your business in terms of colors, icons and all promotional content that the online visitor can relate to. The authenticity of your website will be crucial in order for your customer to convert

    1. Submission Forms

    Interested consumers generally prefer to contact your business relationship people by means of writing to them. Providing them the ease of submitting information online is a quicker and easier way for them to contact you than writing an email. Submission forms are a big initiative for end consumers’ conversion

    1. Social Media Marketing

    Include as much of Social Media marketing on to your website. Getting your loyal customer base to follow you, like and share your specifications are mechanisms to add many more such customers to your clientele

    1. Email Marketing

    All of your viewers/ page visitors need to be notified of updates, promotions and offers that is happening at your online site. Targeted marketing through emails enables them to return and convert more. Just shoot out an email!

    1. Headlines, Menus and Page content

    The content on your webpage is important to enable a customer to finish his site visit. Appropriate headlines, well-organized menus, easy navigation through breadcrumbs, organized sitemap and quality page content drives maximum conversions for every type of website

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    Search Engine Optimization

    The business’ online presence needs to reach a wider audience, specifically to those who are seeking out for it. Consumers’ behavior of searching over the internet are assessed and the subsequent knowledge is utilized to promote your business. Tree House’s marketing team with adept Search Engine Optimization skills will perform related activities on your site to improve your site’s rankings in the prominent search engines

    Email Marketing

    Keeping in touch is important in a business relationship too! Sending out emails on all transactions done and also notifying the consumers about any offers/promotions in your business will now be the responsibility of Tree House’s team. The vigilant team of THMG will work on all of your business’ email campaigns and generate more traffic. Your business will move away from the traditional ways of printing and distribute marketing collaterals – THMG will do it the e-way and save you the dollars!