Email Marketing

    A strong passive but effective reach to your customers

    The mere process of sending a message carrying an advertisement, a promotional commercial message so as to build customer relationship or attract new customers is defined as email marketing. It is considered to be one of the oldest methodologies of marketing in businesses but it has transformed with the technological advancements in the world today. Among the various digital marketing practices in this technical world, email marketing is still considered the most effective and a trustworthy way to communicate with end customers. Tree House has been leaders with digital marketing practices and they can formulate ways to handle your business’ email marketing requirements.

    Email Marketing – executing strategies

    Tree House will enable the email marketing for your business in either of the below ways

    • Sending transactional emails – As a result of customer activity, every business sends out an email confirming the transaction. The email can also carry promotional notifications, cross-sell or up-sell other products. Tree House will help associate content for your transactional emails so as to promote additional products and earn more business
    • Sending Direct emails – These emails generally are sent during promotional offers, seasonal sales so as to invite business. Of these types, recent times are seeing an upsurge in the mobile email marketing, with the increase in the use of phones and tablets. Tree House executes both promotional emails through formalized email channels and through mobile marketing means. Rich design and promotional content will be the key driving factors that will be put in place by the Tree House team

    Benefits of Email Marketing

    Email Marketing provides you with the highest ROI out of any marketing service. Here are a couple reasons why your business should invest in Email Marketing with Treehouse Marketing Group:

    • Businesses are able to keep the customer base intact through constant communication with them
    • Targeted email marketing can build more loyal customers based on various demographics, buying behavior, etc.
    • Email marketing is a cost-effective mechanism compared to traditional methodologies of printing and distributing
    • Email marketing can be measured with the recent developments of analytics – delivery rates, open rates, click-to-deliver rates and subscription rates are some of the key metrics that are measured in email marketing
    • Emails are easier ways of creating the brand awareness for your business. Customers are easily able to spread the brand’s information with a simple forward button from their emails

    Adopt an effective email marketing campaign for your business with Tree House and see the benefits unfold!

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