Mobile Optimized

It is a common sight these days that you spot people browsing the internet on their handheld devices while they are on the go – seems the best way to kill idle time. What are they really looking at over the internet? Aren’t they browsing websites that visually render in the best way possible for them to easily navigate through on a mobile device? The magic behind this is that any website that is built can fall under these three categories in order to be viewed on a handheld device

  • Mobile Friendly websites
  • Responsive Design websites
  • Mobile Optimized websites

Mobile Friendly websites

Mobile Friendly websites are the desktop versions of websites themselves that just appears smaller on your handheld device. Though accurately functional as the version that you see on a larger screen, a mobile-friendly website is quite heavy in a mobile browser. The images may take longer to load and the user navigation can be a struggle as controls like the buttons generally appear smaller.

Responsive Design websites

One of the recent transformation methodology to the websites enables it to auto-render according to various screen sizes and resolutions. Websites built with this technical ability are far more costly in terms of efforts that are needed to design them in a responsive way. Small and medium businesses are certainly on the lookout for an equally efficient but a cost-effective way of rendering their content on mobile devices.

Mobile Optimized

A moderately advanced way of displaying a website that reformats itself to be viewed on handheld devices is termed as a mobile optimization. You spot larger navigation buttons, optimized images, and content which is reformatted while viewing a mobile-optimized version. Users are generally saved from the cumbersome process of typing on a smaller screen in a mobile-optimized site – it isn’t a best practice to expect excessive keying in of information

Why is Mobile Optimization done?

Isn’t this the question that is hovering over your mind when you really know that mobile-friendly websites can equally solve the problem? Here are reasons that really sound convincing –

  • User experience

The user experience for a mobile user is really important when they navigate any site over the handheld device. Speed of page loading, easier navigation and less customer struggles are important parameters that are facilitated by a mobile-optimized site compared to a mobile-friendly site. Remember, every person uses the mobile device for easy accessibility to the internet!

  • Increase in conversions

Statistically users convert more from a handheld device compared to a laptop! Tablets are racing ahead in the figures and if your website isn’t mobile optimized, then you are in for a loss. Key landing pages are designed and optimized efficiently for mobile devices so as to enable users initiate the Call to Action scenarios

  • Search engines preference

Search engines like Google have now preference for mobile-optimized websites. Mobile optimized websites rank better in the search engines and generates more organic traffic. The adaptability of a website for smaller devices and optimized content click well with the algorithms of search engines

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The business’ online presence needs to reach a wider audience, specifically to those who are seeking out for it. Consumers’ behavior of searching over the internet are assessed and the subsequent knowledge is utilized to promote your business. Tree House’s marketing team with adept Search Engine Optimization skills will perform related activities on your site to improve your site’s rankings in the prominent search engines

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Keeping in touch is important in a business relationship too! Sending out emails on all transactions done and also notifying the consumers about any offers/promotions in your business will now be the responsibility of Tree House’s team. The vigilant team of THMG will work on all of your business’ email campaigns and generate more traffic. Your business will move away from the traditional ways of printing and distribute marketing collaterals – THMG will do it the e-way and save you the dollars!