User Experience Design

    Have you ever felt that a store you have walked in to have a welcoming sensation that you relate to it? Imagine you are processing payments through internet banking and you encounter struggles to execute the transaction – doesn’t this really annoy you on the missing features or the inaccessibility to the desired functions? Both relate to the user experience that you have while interacting with the medium – whether offline or online. Designing the right user experience is crucial to all businesses, so as to have returning customers and improved conversions.

    User Experience – Driving factor

    User Experience indicates the level of comfort of a user with the system – it indicates how you feel while using the system. The system that we talk about here can be a software application, a website or desktop software that you may use. For a better design for the user experience of any system, the user experience designers understand the user behavior, specifically the ease with which they operate upon these systems, its utility and its efficiency in helping to complete the desired tasks.

    User Experience Design

    This is a process of creating the means to interact efficiently with systems for a user in the Human-Computer Interaction model. The design focuses on the below key factors –

    • UX design needs to be for a useful product – If there is no value in a product because people do not use it anymore, then a UX design for it is never fruitful
    • UX design needs to make the system usable – System that is designed should be usable for every end user and shouldn’t impose customer struggles for them
    • UX design needs to be credible –An user interacting with your system should truly feel that the system emulates trust
    • UX design needs to be desirable – Emotional designing, aesthetics, and colors add to the desirable nature of UX design. This factor attracts customers repeatedly
    • UX design needs to be accessible – A little complex factor but is a truly rewarding feature is the accessibility of systems using appropriate UX design. Voice commands, navigation support for visually impaired users are components of an accessible UX design
    • UX design contributes to generating revenue – A compelling design with ease of use is a strong indicator that customer prefers to utilize the system often. This correlates to the fact of high revenues for better-designed systems

    User Experience Design – Best Practices

    Due to higher usage of complex systems in the digital world, User Experience Design now has several best practices that are consistently followed and shared. Let’s have a quick review of those –

    • UX design should ensure that system loads faster
    • UX design should be visually appealing and rich content can be delivered for it
    • UX design should reduce customer struggles and have enough self-help information for the users using the system
    • UX design is to be designed in a way to keep the customer engaged – choice of colors, imagery, and content can assist here
    • UX design has to make your customer interact with the system – always ensure there is a Call To Action

    UX design should have provision for gathering the user’s feedback – this paves way for improvement

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