Video Marketing

    Speak about your business, loud and clear through Video Marketing

    Every business venture in today’s world is marketed through various means, specifically over the online channel. As part of the digital/ internet marketing, video marketing is booming in advertising your brands. Video Marketing is all about creating short videos, typically of 2 to 5 minutes, using the content that details your business and brand. These videos are then uploaded to video sharing websites like YouTube where it is viewed, distributed and shared across several social media sites.

    It will be important that the video content that is created is visually rich, and content-rich too. Tree House uses the best tools to create the video content that is visually appealing and that clearly communicates to the outside world with the right content.

    How to video market your business?

    Tree House can help you video market your brand in these simple ways

    • Allocating of a team who will capture your requirements and visually convert them to videos
    • The key tasks that the video team at Tree House will do is to implement and also revalidate the video content to ensure that it is engaging to the audience
    • Publish your videos through the right channel such as at your own websites, and YouTube
    • Promote the video content – the core of video marketing
    • Gather and Analyze the metrics associated with this activity – Open rates, click-through are some of the key parameters
    • Implement best practices of the best videos and improve the video marketing quotient of your business

    This is quite attractive, isn’t it? Forecasts reveal that in the year 2017, video content will account for 74% of online traffic. Ah! Now it will be really important to have videos of your businesses reaching to the larger crowd.

    Key advantages of video marketing

    Most of the businesses are intrigued by the need to have video marketing done, especially when shooting of videos, editing and creating them is a big overhead to their business. Video marketing certainly has its own advantages –

    • Attractive videos speak faster compared to reading through a whole page of textual content
    • Video content is easier to access as they are available on online channels – getting your customers subscribe can help businesses target the content regularly to them
    • Video marketing will be highly helpful in cases where detailed explanation of steps with a quick demonstration will aid in communicating the ideas across to the audience
    • If your current customer is appreciative of your services/ products, a video that delivers the customer’s testimony is a big boost to your business
    • Video making tools are available free of the online medium – so it turns out to be that video marketing is really not a costly affair

    Tree House leverages the best-in-class market tools to make high-resolution videos. We detail out the content as per the business requirements of every customer of ours. Come & experience the video team’s skills at making videos for your business – see the magic it does to your brand!

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    Search Engine Optimization

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    By determining how and why people are searching for your product or service, we can integrate that knowledge with your ongoing marketing activities. Each of our SEO engagements comes with monthly reporting, ongoing monitoring of your website’s health, competitive search strategies and, obviously, brilliant execution.

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