Website Design

    Traditional businesses are seeing the horizon of a digital world where everyone feels the need to have an online presence. New ventures begin with a primary task of having a dedicated website for themselves so that they are able to market to a larger crowd and see themselves steadily growing. Launching your business online has the prime motive of giving the consumers a medium for business exchange and to know further about your products & services. Hence an engaging, and professional website has to be designed for this purpose.

    What is Website Design?

    The concept or the process of Website Design comprises of a whole suite of detailed activities which has to be executed in a meticulous way to have the final website according to your business. The process broadly involves the planning, creating and updating of websites. At a detailed level, they are the below tasks –

    • Definition of layouts
    • Defining usability & ergonomics
    • Planning the information and website architecture
    • Designing the user interface
    • Planning around the fonts, colors, and contrasts
    • Designing the assets like images
    • Designing of icons

    Cumulatively, working on the above sum up to the fact that a website can be designed for your business – a one that is a branding move to your business!

    Website Design – Additional Trivia

    A website design company can help you perform these high-level tasks through its various departments. Most of the time in the Website design process is spent in the design and development of the front-end (client side) of the website. This is what the end users see on their browsers. Skills such as web graphic design, usability features implementation, interface design (with simple to complex backend systems) and authoring are required to give the needed start to the website design process. Companies put standardized tools, proprietary software or freeware and incorporate best practices through the design and development process in Website Design

    The complexity of website design can vary in terms of the content that it renders to the end user. The most generic type of websites are

    • Static websites – In this type, every browser request renders the same content, irrespective of how many times it is invoked. Once authored, the content is hosted on a server and this process is relatively simple as there is no complex server-side request handling needed.
    • Dynamic websites–These sites are built using server-side technology and the code generates these web pages based on user request. Backend systems are generally required such as a database from where information is retrieved according to the client request. Hosting these sites is a little time to consume and complex compared to static websites

    Website design doesn’t stop with technical tasks like scripting, doing the markups and hosting on the necessary infrastructure. The marketing strategies of a website are also thought of in the early stages of website design through the digital marketing planning. The design for an optimized site is crucial and the search engine optimization techniques kick in during the implementation. This gives the business a good website that is designed to rank well on the search engines.

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    Search Engine Optimization

    The business’ online presence needs to reach a wider audience, specifically to those who are seeking out for it. Consumers’ behavior of searching over the internet are assessed and the subsequent knowledge is utilized to promote your business. Tree House’s marketing team with adept Search Engine Optimization skills will perform related activities on your site to improve your site’s rankings in the prominent search engines

    Email Marketing

    Keeping in touch is important in a business relationship too! Sending out emails on all transactions done and also notifying the consumers about any offers/promotions in your business will now be the responsibility of Tree House’s team. The vigilant team of THMG will work on all of your business’ email campaigns and generate more traffic. Your business will move away from the traditional ways of printing and distribute marketing collaterals – THMG will do it the e-way and save you the dollars!